Time Travel is Real (Sort of)

Name a show with time travel as a theme. I’ve likely seen it.  A book with time as a plot. I’ve likely read it.  There is something fascinating about the whole idea of actually stepping back into the past.  Our photos let us peek into that realm but there is always something missing.  We can…

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A Box of Trouble

In the late 1970s, my mother decided to organize her pictures. It was way before acid and lignin free materials were readily available. In fact, product advertising was often misleading. She decided it would make a nice present for her children if she placed some of our pictures in albums.  She chose the low-cost and…

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Metadata and Family Photos

The Family History Metadata Working Group chaired by Christopher Desmond is working on a set of standards to enable us to embed metadata, share it, and download it. View the video above for more information. Here’s a transcript of the webinar. And the press release.

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Family Photos on Instagram

Family Photos on Instagram | The Photo Detective

Discarded and re-sold photos appear all over social media, especially Instagram. If you’re looking for a picture of your great uncle Hubert, it might turn up online. The genealogical community hasn’t embraced Instagram the way they have Facebook.  That’s too bad, because industry influencers are sharing information there too.  It’s no secret that I love looking at…

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Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness | There are four steps to a disaster planning process: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Most museums, libraries, and archives have disaster plans and you should too. | The Photo Detective

Many of us live in areas exposure to natural disasters such a hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. While there is some predictability to weather fluctuations it is the unexpected events such as firs and floods that change our lives   There are four steps to a disaster planning process: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.  Most museums, libraries, and…

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Messages on Ancestral Photos

Messages on Ancestral Photos | The Photo Detective

I love the messages our ancestors left on their photographs. There are arguments about who’s who in different handwriting. Notes about loved ones. Captions that include who labeled the picture. Mathematical problems (this is true!) I’ve even found images with whole family trees outlined on the back explaining how the person in the image fits…

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3 Ways to Weed Your Photo Collection

By now you’ve either watched an episode of the Marie Kondo series on joyful cleaning or know someone who has.  My drawers are now full of neatly folded clothes.  I get it. We have too much stuff, but when cleaning wanders over into the photosphere well then I have an opinion. It’s not horrible to discard certain…

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A Convenient Place?

I have a story that will make you sick. Not literally of course, but as soon as I heard it my stomach flipped. We’re all struggling with photo overload. Our parents. Our stuff. It’s a lot.  So in an effort to clean out our houses, we turn to short term storage.  I did when we…

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Old Maumer, 107 yrs.

Several years ago I purchased this image at a photo show.  It called to me from a case.  “Find my story.” “Name me.”  So I bought the image intrigued by the research possibilities.  She’s in my book, The Last Muster: Faces of the Revolution.  Here’s what I wrote. At some point in the late 1860s,…

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