Photo Consultation

If you'd like to tap into Maureen's resources and years of expertise you can book a personal consultation. It's very easy and fun as well!

Maureen does consultations by telephone or video (Zoom) -- private meetings with clients to discuss their mystery pictures. Both options are recorded.

In fact, these consultations are a lot more than a conversation. They’re part photo analysis and part forensic family history.

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The Photo Detective


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Episode 92: What You Need to Know About Metadata

All those little details of a photo such as the who, what, where, when, and why can be embedded in your pictures with metadata.  Imagine never losing that data. Today metadata isn’t always transferable from product to product or website to website. There is room for improvement. Now there is a project called the Family…

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Episode 91: Suffragists and Suffragettes: Fashion and the Vote

Our nineteenth and early twentieth century female ancestors couldn’t vote but that doesn’t mean they didn’t want to.  In the mid-nineteenth century a group of female activists tied together dress reform, political activism and abolition using dress to broadcast their beliefs and their daughters and granddaughters followed in their footsteps. After listening to my guest’s…

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Episode 90: Ancestral Swimwear and a Passion for Pictures

All this hot humid weather has me thinking about how our ancestors coped in the heat. Long dresses and undergarments in light weight cotton seemed like a sweltering combination. One of my podcast guests loves dressing in period attire. She claims that the outfit is cool, but I’m not convinced.   Hot summer weather makes me…

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Episode 89: Is Family History Part of Your Personality

It’s likely that if you listen to the Photo Detective podcast that you love family history from the stuff to the stories, but do you love all the parts of collecting, preserving, and sharing your family history?  I bet there are pieces that appeal more than others.  According to my guest, genealogy might be part…

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