Photo Consultation

If you'd like to tap into Maureen's resources and years of expertise you can book a personal consultation. It's very easy and fun as well!

Maureen does consultations by telephone or video (Zoom) -- private meetings with clients to discuss their mystery pictures. Both options are recorded.

In fact, these consultations are a lot more than a conversation. They’re part photo analysis and part forensic family history.

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The Photo Detective


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Episode 74: Big News For Family Photos From

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve checked in with Daniel Horowitz, of My  We talked about instant discoveries, what happens when information is uploaded in a different language, and how you can use watermarks on your images.  Daniel shares a big announcement about family photographs. The new tool developed out of a…

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Episode 73: What I Learned by Digitally Organizing My Photographs

Working on the MasterClass on Digital Photo Organizing with MemoryWeb has taught me a few things.  It’s reinforced my love for using a digital photo organizer because it makes it so easy to find the exact image I’m looking for when it’s needed.  But it also helped me see my research deficits.  In the process…

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Old Providence, aka News

Last year at this time, I was working with Mike Bronner of on a new website, one that focuses on local history. launched in July as a georeferencing and crowdsourcing site aimed at posting photographs and information about the buildings, places, and people of Providence, RI. It’s been a busy seven months. It’s…

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