100% Treasured: Your Family History by Way of a Photo

I’m Maureen and I know photographs. And how even the tiniest details can reveal the biggest clues about a person, where they come from and what they meant to their friends, their family – even the world. Welcome to my digital home, Maureen Taylor the Photodetective! I’ve set up this site to help you find what you need most.

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Ask Maureen: Bonus Episode ~ Beth Forester from Animoto

Show Notes In this episode of Ask Maureen, I interviewed special guest Beth Forester from Animoto to talk about the power of video and family history. Beth weighed in on how to make a video, the importance of labeling photos in your production and a lot more. I first met Beth at a Rootstech conference and I was stunned by the power and possibility of using Animoto.com. It’s so easy to create videos, even a beginner can make gorgeous family videos. I didn’t realize Animoto was 10 years old. That’s a long time in the technology sector. I asked Beth to tell us about how the company started and how it’s ...   Continue Reading

Ask Maureen: Episode 10 ~ Fun with Family History Videos

Show Notes This month, it's a two for one deal.  Due to technical difficulties I had to record a separate interview with special guest Beth Forester of Animoto.com. In this episode I previews two videos I made about my grandmother, Eliza Jane Wilson. Using the marketing video format on Animoto I was able to add my voice and import music as well. What was a popular song the year my grandmother was born? Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow-Wow. How easy is it to edit videos in Animoto? I showed you how to do it and how to add captions to your photographs. What's the perfect length of a family history video? ...   Continue Reading

Ask Maureen: Episode 9 - Be Prepared. Don't Let Disaster Take Away Your Family History

Show Notes In this episode of Ask Maureen, Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, urges you to be prepared! Don't let a disaster take away your family history. Tips on what you can do now to prevent loss in the future, and how to cope once a disaster has struck. Scanning Photos Photo Preservation Tips and Safety after a storm Preserving Family Photos Why we shouldn't toss unidentified family photos - John Quincy Adams daguerreotype story Stereographs Saving Family History Tips Video, on Facebook Listen in on Extreme Genes to a discussion on houses in photos and on their new Patreon site for a discussion of Reverse Genealogy and Photographs. Thank you for ...   Continue Reading

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