Identifying Family Photographs

This course is for you if you have mystery family photographs or would like to know more about your pictures. Did you know that photo albums tell a story? That’s one of the topics covered in this course.

When you hold a family photograph, you stare at the faces and they look back. It’s a bonding moment that crosses time. Maybe you share their nose or their cowlick, but you’re in a predicament.

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The Photo Detective


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Episode 52: Our Picture-Taking Ancestors with Peter Dumas Our past is for sale. Our parent’s stuff and previous generations as well.  You can find the most amazing things at flea markets. That’s what New Englander’s call these outdoor sales.  I regularly visit two of these. In the summer months, the Providence Flea occupies a small space on the waterfront. If it’s there.…

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Messages on Ancestral Photos

Messages on Ancestral Photos | The Photo Detective

I love the messages our ancestors left on their photographs. There are arguments about who’s who in different handwriting. Notes about loved ones. Captions that include who labeled the picture. Mathematical problems (this is true!) I’ve even found images with whole family trees outlined on the back explaining how the person in the image fits…

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Episode 51: Family Reunion Planning with Edith Wagner of Reunions Magazine

Does your family get together for family reunions?  My husband’s family does. Every other year the clan gathers and a key part of the planning revolves around activities. We usually have a set schedule of what happens when.  It’s part tradition and part common sense planning.    My guest today is one organized woman. She’s the…

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Episode 50: Scan My Photos with Mitch Goldstone

Scanning photos can be tedious work especially when you’re digitizing slides. Imagine that there was a service that could do it for you. I’m not advocating sending out your original 19th century photos for scanning but there no reason why you couldn’t use a service for late 20th snapshots and for all those slides. That’s…

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