Identifying Family Photographs

This course is for you if you have mystery family photographs or would like to know more about your pictures. Did you know that photo albums tell a story? That’s one of the topics covered in this course.

When you hold a family photograph, you stare at the faces and they look back. It’s a bonding moment that crosses time. Maybe you share their nose or their cowlick, but you’re in a predicament.

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The Photo Detective


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Episode 39: Finding Identity and Connection in Family Photos Today’s podcast is special. A year ago the folks at Rootstech asked me to present a Ted Style talk at the conference.  Of course, I said yes.   These short-form talks are very popular on YouTube and at Live Tedx events. I worked with an amazing coach to put it together. Carol Cox of Speaking Your Brand…

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Episode 38: The Last Muster Journey This episode focuses on my Last Muster project.  Almost two decades ago I started looking for images of individuals who lived during the American Revolution and into the age of photography after 1839.   It’s been an amazing journey. Two volumes with a third in the works, two museum exhibits (one permanent at the Museum of the…

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Episode 37: What’s New With Vivid-Pix Restore? The Vivid-Pix Restore fix just got even better. A new patented process makes their picture improvement add new depth to your pictures. Randy Fredlund is back on the show to talk about his most recent patent and how the whole patent process works. About Maureen Taylor: Maureen is a frequent keynote speaker on photo…

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Episode 36: Ever wish you could use facial recognition software to compare your photos? Bob Schmitt created Visual Face Recognition to compare images. It’s cool! One of his first projects was helping Las Vegas casinos catch card-counting MIT students using facial recognition technology. It’s another tool in our Photo Detective toolbox. Sign up for my newsletter…

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