Identifying Family Photographs

This course is for you if you have mystery family photographs or would like to know more about your pictures. Did you know that photo albums tell a story? That’s one of the topics covered in this course.

When you hold a family photograph, you stare at the faces and they look back. It’s a bonding moment that crosses time. Maybe you share their nose or their cowlick, but you’re in a predicament.

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The Photo Detective


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Episode 48: Finding Images of Your Ancestors

Just because many of your ancestors lived before the invention of photography doesn’t mean there are no pictures of them. Start your search for portraits and descriptions of pre-photography ancestors with these six sources. Finding a Home for the HollenbergsInternet ArchiveNational Union Catalog of Manuscript CollectionsCatalog of American PortraitsThe Art of Family Watch my YouTube…

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Episode 47: Women of the Revolution

What were your revolutionary era female ancestors doing during the war? Our foremothers played crucial roles during the Revolutionary War. They followed their men folk caring for them daily.  They kept businesses solvent and farms functioning while their men were away. Most of their contributions are unknown because so many women didn’t speak of their…

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Episode 46: Benson Lossing – Revolutionary Traveler

at Crown Point, New York This episode is about one of my historical heroes.–Benson Lossing, who wrote a travelogue of the American Revolution, 75 years after the Battle of Lexington and Concord.  It’s possible to follow in his footsteps even today. I did it and you can too. About Maureen Taylor: Maureen is a frequent…

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Episode 45: Planning a Vintage Wedding

This 1876 bride dressed in brown corded silk as a fashion statement. Today’s brides wanting a vintage wedding piece together historical details for every aspect of the wedding ceremony and reception. Their inspiration might be a family photo or a family story. In this episode, I discuss wedding planning tips and how they might just…

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