Photo Consultation

If you'd like to tap into Maureen's resources and years of expertise you can book a personal consultation. It's very easy and fun as well!

Maureen does consultations by telephone or video (Zoom) -- private meetings with clients to discuss their mystery pictures. Both options are recorded.

In fact, these consultations are a lot more than a conversation. They’re part photo analysis and part forensic family history.

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The Photo Detective


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Episode 88: Ancestral Tours of Battlefields and Bonefields

Forget the luxuries of early 21st century travel, early 19th century tourists who visited wartime sites usually dealt with bad roads and shoddy lodgings. Instead of the romantic visions of history depicted in paintings and writings, they found sites littered with discarded armaments and bodies of the fallen. Veterans greeted these tourists with reminiscences of…

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Episode 87: Our Ancestors At Work

Scratching your head over what your ancestor did for work? The answer is usually in a census or city directory, but it also might be in a photo. The late 19th century saw an interest in capturing people at work and businessmen in formal portraits. Such images hold clues to the kind of business in…

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Episode 86: Every Thing Tells A Story

Everything has a story. That hat your grandmother wore at her wedding. The china passed down for generations. A photograph perhaps. Or maybe you have inherited something else. It might be something that’s special to you from your lifetime. Sharing the story of the “things” in our lives can help us share the past with…

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Episode 85: Pinup Photos and Modern Women

Pinup photos usually feature young barely dressed women, at least that’s what’s popularized by Sports Illustrated but suppose I told you they don’t have to be.  That you could pose in period dress and look like a glamorous turn of the century, Evelyn Nesbit or like a silver screen star ala Gloria Swanson. Pick a…

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