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I’m Maureen and I know photographs. And how even the tiniest details can reveal the biggest clues about a person, where they come from and what they meant to their friends, their family – even the world. Welcome to my digital home, Maureen Taylor the Photodetective! I’ve set up this site to help you find what you need most.

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Ask Maureen: Episode 9 - Be Prepared. Don't Let Disaster Take Away Your Family History

Show Notes In this episode of Ask Maureen, Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, urges you to be prepared! Don't let a disaster take away your family history. Tips on what you can do now to prevent loss in the future, and how to cope once a disaster has struck. Scanning Photos Photo Preservation Tips and Safety after a storm Preserving Family Photos Why we shouldn't toss unidentified family photos - John Quincy Adams daguerreotype story Stereographs Saving Family History Tips Video, on Facebook Listen in on Extreme Genes to a discussion on houses in photos and on their new Patreon site for a discussion of Reverse Genealogy and Photographs. Thank you for ...   Continue Reading

After Disaster Strikes...Photo Recovery

As Houston recovers from Hurricane Harvey and Florida from Hurricane Irma.  It leaves me with a sense of déjà vu. Almost five years ago Hurricane Sandy stormed into the East Coast of the United States destroying property and taking lives. As with every disaster, generations of family photographs were caught in the weather. The storm surge washed images out of homes and into the streets.  In the midst of the aftermath and chaos, Jeannette von Houton found thousands of images covered in mud and mold.  Despite her own losses, she began focusing on reuniting those images with the families of her town of Union Beach, NJ. Other volunteers pitched into ...   Continue Reading

New Photo Discovery of a U.S. President

The latest new photo discovery of 2017  is a long missing image of President John Quincy Adams. It is the oldest known U.S. Presidential photo.   The eldest son of John and Abigail Adams was born in 1767. He went on his first diplomatic mission when just 10 years of age. He was secretary to his father, John Adams during the Peace of Paris. Adams attended school in France and Holland. He graduated from Harvard College in 1787. After college he apprenticed to become a lawyer. Elected President in 1825, he was in office for one term.   More than half a dozen daguerreotypes from 1843 exist of this reclusive ...   Continue Reading

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