Photo Consultation Options

If you'd like to tap into Maureen's resources and years of expertise you can book a personal consultation. It's very easy and fun as well!

Maureen does consultations by telephone or video (Zoom) -- private meetings with clients to discuss their mystery pictures. Both options are recorded.

In fact, these consultations are a lot more than a conversation. They’re part photo analysis and part forensic family history.

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The Photo Detective


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Episode 123: America’s Pandemic Pastime: Making Photo Reunions Happen

Every time I see another news story on a photo reunion that’s happened through crowdsourcing images online I chuckle.  I have a closet full of mysteries and not much luck reuniting images with living people. Yet, just in the last few months, there are images being shared online that are within a short time being…

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Episode 121: Ask Maureen March 2021

In this monthly podcast, Maureen shares questions received via email and through social media. Can you tell us about changing exposure times for photographic portraits and why people didn’t smile for pictures?Do you have a good resource for looking up photographer names by location and years they were active?Is there a good resource for dating…

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