Identifying Family Photographs

This course is for you if you have mystery family photographs or would like to know more about your pictures. Did you know that photo albums tell a story? That’s one of the topics covered in this course.

When you hold a family photograph, you stare at the faces and they look back. It’s a bonding moment that crosses time. Maybe you share their nose or their cowlick, but you’re in a predicament.

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The Photo Detective


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A Revolutionary Trio: Eleazer Blake

Fitzwilliam and Rindge, New Hampshire are lovely towns situated on country roads. A blurry picture of Revolutionary War veteran, Eleazer Blake led me there. I arrived with Vermissima Productions on a typical spring New England day. It was cold, blustery, and sunny. We were hunting for details of Blake’s wartime service. We discovered many more…

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A Vivid-Pix Redux

Randy Fredlund of Vivid-Pix joined me to talk about imaging and how Vivid-pix works. He’s the co-founder of the company.  It’s a magical product. Upload an image and take your pick of the enhanced version you like. You can tweak it further too.

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A Few Of My Favorite Things

At this list-making time of year, I stop and reflect on my favorite new things related to photos. I know that if you get my newsletter, then you love pictures too. Items mentioned here might be something you want to suggest to your personal gift giver. I won’t tell if you decide to buy it…

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