100% Treasured: Your Family History by Way of a Photo

I’m Maureen and I know photographs. And how even the tiniest details can reveal the biggest clues about a person, where they come from and what they meant to their friends, their family – even the world. Welcome to my digital home, Maureen Taylor the Photodetective! I’ve set up this site to help you find what you need most.

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Is the Library Reference Department Defunct?

It happened again. I arrived early to a lecture venue at a public library. I thought. Oo. La. La.   Books and reference sources, but when I looked around there were only a few short stacks of books and no one in sight.   Sigh. Here’s what I remember and why I worry that Reference Departments are going the way of the Woolly Mammoth to the land of extinction. My love of libraries dates back to my childhood. One summer Mom decided I needed something to do so she signed me up for a summer book club. I had to list all the books I'd read over that summer. The competitive side ...   Continue Reading

Ask Maureen: Episode 12 - RootsTech 2018

Show Notes Tara Bergeson of FamilySearch.org joined me to talk about RootsTech 2018.  They have an outstanding line-up of events including a Wednesday night opening of the Expo Hall, a celebration of the Greatest Generation, and "My Family, Mi Herencia", a Luz de Las Naciones production on Saturday evening. The deadline for the Photo & Story Competition is now January 19, 2018. Old photos or new, it doesn't matter as long as you tell the story and then post it online through a blog or a social media site. Full details are here. I hope you'll stop by my booth to say hello. On Family Discovery Day, I'll have a ...   Continue Reading

Ask Maureen - Episode 11: My Heritage Photo Discoveries

Show Notes In this episode of Ask Maureen, I'm talking with Genealogy Expert, Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage. We did a demo of one of the really cool features of their instant discoveries option. You upload photos to your MyHeritage.com family tree website and then the matching happens. It sounds complicated and technical but follow along as Daniel and I discuss how to get the most out of your Premium Plus or Complete MyHeritage.com subscription. I love how easy it is to find new family photos in the collections of others who share some of your ancestors. The website does all the matching work, but to maximize your results tag your ...   Continue Reading

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