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I’m Maureen and I know photographs. And how even the tiniest details can reveal the biggest clues about a person, where they come from and what they meant to their friends, their family – even the world. Welcome to my digital home, Maureen Taylor the Photodetective! I’ve set up this site to help you find what you need most. If this is your first visit, I recommend starting with any of the following pages:

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The Best Ways to Utilize Horses and Zebras

  Yes, this is a blog post about photo identification.  You're probably wondering what photos have to do with four-legged animals.  I have a point. Please read on. First, let me apologize.  I didn't mean to start a storm of comments on Facebook.  How did this happen?  All I was trying to do was sharpen your powers of observation.  The question: What do you see? Medical interns are taught: When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses, not zebras.  This is to stop them from looking for exotic diagnosis instead of simple illnesses. This also applies to family photos. When looking at a family photo think simple versus complex. [caption id="attachment_10184" ... Continue Reading

New Ideas for Organizing Photos on the iPad

Last year I started a new collection of images.   I began adding postcard views and photos of my beloved city of Providence to my photo archive.  There are a few hundred pictures in the cache.  This weekend there is a big ephemera show and I wanted to be prepared.  As an end of the year resolution I scanned them all. Added them to Apple photos on my computer and even added keywords to the images.   This took some time.  The goal was to have a portable library of these images to take with me to the show so that I didn't buy duplicates. It seemed like a good idea.  After ... Continue Reading

Photo Stories: Seeking Lilly Begecher/Schesser

It's time for another installment of Photo Stories. This time the photo comes from my client files. Allen Kurtz has spent a lot of time trying to solve the mystery of his wife's great aunt, Lilly Begecher/Schesser.  He told me, "She is my obsession."  You know how it is.  You're making a puzzle and you can't find the last few pieces.   Frustrating and you don't want to give up...EVER.  Her life story is a twisted mess of record omissions, variant spellings, and misrepresentations in the documentation.  Add to this the fact that Lilly appears to disappear for two decades and you get the idea. Who was she really? Her 1910 ... Continue Reading

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