Bonus Episode: Beth Forester from Animoto

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Show Notes

In this episode of Ask Maureen, I interviewed special guest Beth Forester from Animoto to talk about the power of video and family history. Beth weighed in on how to make a video, the importance of labeling photos in your production and a lot more.

I first met Beth at a Rootstech conference and I was stunned by the power and possibility of using It’s so easy to create videos, even a beginner can make gorgeous family videos. I didn’t realize Animoto was 10 years old. That’s a long time in the technology sector. I asked Beth to tell us about how the company started and how it’s grown.

I love Animoto and use it to create videos for my family, my business and for a non-profit, I volunteer for. There are so many different themes. It’s hard to choose which one is a favorite. I asked Beth to share if there was a particular favorite among customers.

If Beth had one (or two) pieces of advice for someone making a family video what would they be?

The other day I was sitting in an airport and I thought…ooh, I can make some videos using my smartphone and the Animoto app. In just under thirty minutes I was able to import images from my phone into the theme I’d picked. When I got home I could do more sophisticated edits.

What’s the story you want to tell?  Let me know.



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