Make Relatives Work For Their Supper 😊

By Maureen Taylor in Food and Family, Photo Identification.

It is possible to survive the holiday season, with sanity intact, by planning ahead and developing a sense of humor. Unexpected visits by relatives and cranky cousins add to your stress levels, but try to offset the tension with a little family history. Don’t put your charts and notes away for the holidays take them out and show it off. This is a great time of year to be mindful of family history.

Serve up a Helping of Photos

If you’re overwhelmed by relatives wanting to know “what’s for dinner” and “when will it be ready” then redirect their attention. Keep them busy.

Get Them Talking 

Oversize nineteenth century pedigree charts often came equipped with a bar across the top so the owner could show off their lineage by putting it on display.

These activities will keep those restless relatives busy until dinners served leaving you with some quiet time in the kitchen. It’s a long holiday season; so keep the chart, scrapbook and camera handy for the next gathering. You’re sure to generate some genealogical cheer.

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