Ask Maureen – Episode 11: My Heritage Photo Discoveries

By Maureen Taylor in Ask Maureen.

Show Notes

In this episode of Ask Maureen, I’m talking with Genealogy Expert, Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage. We did a demo of one of the really cool features of their instant discoveries option. You upload photos to your family tree website and then the matching happens. It sounds complicated and technical but follow along as Daniel and I discuss how to get the most out of your Premium Plus or Complete subscription.

I love how easy it is to find new family photos in the collections of others who share some of your ancestors. The website does all the matching work, but to maximize your results tag your photos and collaborate on identifying the unknown people. Daniel offered some tips to make the magic happen.

The next episode of Ask Maureen will be on Thursday, 11 January 2018 at 2:00pm ET.


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