Photo ID Help

Found an old photograph or photo album among the family treasures?

Congratulations! You’re holding a bit of history in your hands. Whether you know a little bit about that photo, or nothing at all, the first step to finding out more is to send me a scanned, high resolution digital copy.  This page is all about how to upload photos. And thanks to the magic of technology, you can send your images to me using this form, which allows up to three photos to be attached at a time.  Be sure your added information in the description field is clear about which photo you are describing, perhaps a numbered list of 1, 2, 3 will work for you and me.

Once I receive your images, I’ll start on the research using my entire library of resources plus my years of experience. Each 15 minute consult I do can cover up to three unique photos. If you want to include the back of photos because of markings or notes written on them in addition to the image itself, that will count as one photo.

I ask about Last Muster candidates because of my special project in finding photos of people who were present at our country’s birth.  For more information, click here.

You will then receive a confirmation email for each item uploaded. Check your spam/junk folders if you do not receive this confirmation. The confirmation has a link to the page for making and paying for your appointment with me.

We have three options for connecting


We both call my conference line and you receive a recording of our conversation. You can pick a time slot on my website.


If you have access to Skype we can meet in a virtual face to face and if you haven’t had time to scan your images and send them to me, you can hold them up to your webcam.  This really works.  When all the flights from my home city to a lecture got cancelled, I was still able to see photos that attendees brought with them.


Do you have an iPad or iPhone? We can talk face to face using this technology as well. I had a great time chatting with a woman in Australia last year.  The time difference was tough, but it was fun to say hello to a person in another part of the world.  Please note that outside of the U.S. this will require you to have a Facetime account and email tied to an AppleID.

What do people have to say about the value of a photo consultation?

Here’s one of my clients who wrote to me after I helped her with her family mystery:

The details that you were able to give me just by looking at a photo of someone you’d never met was truly amazing.  I didn’t feel rushed and I really felt like all my questions were answered. I’d recommend your service to anyone that has an old picture that they have questions about.

Denise Nielsen

Thanks for the thumb’s up review, Denise!

Submit Your Photo And Request A Consultation

Three photos, fifteen minutes and a chance to unlock some of your family’s mysteries.  $55.00 with a recording.

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