Episode 10: Fun with Family History Videos

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Show Notes

This month, it’s a two for one deal.  Due to technical difficulties I had to record a separate interview with special guest Beth Forester of Animoto.com.

In this episode I previews two videos I made about my grandmother, Eliza Jane Wilson. Using the marketing video format on Animoto I was able to add my voice and import music as well. What was a popular song the year my grandmother was born? Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me A Bow-Wow.

How easy is it to edit videos in Animoto? I showed you how to do it and how to add captions to your photographs.

What’s the perfect length of a family history video? Beth Forester of Animoto weighed in this very important question during her interview. Shorter videos are more watchable.

In addition to family history, I’m involved in historic preservation in my home state of Rhode Island. I created a short video to profile an endangered building.

I’ve included a live photo consult of a World War I photo in today’s program. Who are the two women?

Today’s question from a viewer is about tintypes. She wants to know if you scan a tintype?