Episode 59: The Vivid-Pix Fix and a Contest

Vivid-pix Restore has a new tool for users.  You can attach metatag to your images. 

If you haven’t tried Vivid-Pix Restore, you’re missing the Vivid-pix fix. Basically you select an image to add it to the program and in seconds you see nine versions of your image. Pick the fix that seems right to you and save it. Your original will stay as it is, but you’ll also have the restored version as well.  Try it and see. Use vivid-pix.com/pd and try it for free. You can Improve the quality of your scanned pictures and documents. 

Metadata has a scary sound to it.  It’s not quite as technical as you might think.  Remember old fashioned library card catalogs? Where you could find what you wanted by looking things up by author, title, or subject.  I think of metadata that way. You can enter names, places, or subjects all to help you locate what you’re looking for in your image file collection. 

I’ll let my guest explain how all this works. We have an announcement. While on the call Rick and I cooked up a challenge.  Here’s how it goes. The Vivid Pix Fix Challenge. I set up a Facebook post and encourage people to add their before and after images. The one with the most likes wins a photo album from Vivid-pix.   

We’re celebrating Family History month with a give-away.  You’ll have until October 20th 11:59pm EST to vote. 

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About My Guest:

With a few decades of doer and executive experience with Kodak and HP, Rick Voight and Randy Fredlund co-founded Vivid-Pix.  Vivid-Pix designs, creates and delivers Fast, Easy and Affordable photo and document improvement software. Since launching in 2012, Vivid-Pix has advanced its product to earn the support of family historians, genealogists, photographers, and business leaders in over 100 countries.

About Maureen Taylor:

Maureen is a frequent keynote speaker on photo identification, photograph preservation, and family history at historical and genealogical societies, museums, conferences, libraries, and other organizations across the U.S., London and Canada.  She’s the author of several books and hundreds of articles and her television appearances include The View and The Today Show (where she researched and presented a complete family tree for host Meredith Vieira).  She’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, The Boston Globe, Martha Stewart Living, Germany’s top newspaper Der Spiegel, American Spirit, and The New York Times. Maureen was recently a spokesperson and photograph expert for MyHeritage.com, an internationally known family history website and also writes guidebooks, scholarly articles and online columns for such media as Smithsonian.com. Learn more at Maureentaylor.com

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