Essential Photo Organizing Video Course


Inheriting a box (or bushel) of pictures is a big responsibility. Two things happen:

  • First, you panic and wonder how am I going to have enough time to organize these pictures?
  • Then, you experience the great joy from knowing that you’ve been trusted to pass on this heirloom treasure to the next generation.

This new video course covers the basics from tackling those boxes to scanning resolution and storage. A bonus segment covers what to do with all your digital pictures too!

This course is for you if have boxes of family photographs you don’t know how to preserve and organized. Feeling overwhelmed by the number of pictures you have is a common problem. If you’re like most folks, you have real images from family, scans on your computers and pictures on your phones and tablets too. It is possible to care for all those pictures without losing your mind. All it takes are the right supplies, a place to store them, and some time.

Don’t Lose the Past

It would be easy to toss a family photo. You have so many, right? You think, “I don’t need this photo.” But you do.

All those photos add up to tell the story of your family. By saving them, you are saving the past for the future. All your photos anchor children to family history and lead them on a path of self-discovery and well-being.

Save the Story

That’s where my Essential Photo Organizing course comes in. This 7 installment course breaks down the process of preserving and organizing photos into short lessons so you can follow-along as you work with your pictures.

You’ll learn how to spot historic photo formats, how to store different types of pictures, how to label them and how to scan them.
That’s not all. I’ll show you how to develop a workflow for scanning, filing and retrieving your images.

The course explains the how-to and includes some downloadable extras. If you have a question, it’s easy to send me a message in the course.

About Maureen

I love photos! That’s no secret. As a former photographic curator and librarian, I’ve spent my career caring for photographs and teaching clients how to preserve their family photos. Never met a picture I didn’t love. They are all special in their own way.

I’ve been recognized for my expertise by the New York Times, Better Homes and Gardens, The Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal, who claimed I was the “nation’s foremost historical photo detective.”

I’ve written or contributed to more than 30 books (I think). When I tell you that photographs are my passion, I have the proof.

What You’ll Learn

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Explores the importance of the history of ownership, basic organization, and taking stock of what you have.

Lesson 2: The Lives of Your Photos

The right storage place, how to identify damage and some of the icky preservation problems you may encounter.

Lesson 3: Scanning Do’s and Don’ts

Scanning resolution, file types, and equipment are simple if you follow the details in this lesson.

Lesson 4: Keeping Track

Filing and never being able to locate the original again isn’t part of anyone’s plan. You’ll learn how to develop a workflow and establish record-keeping strategies.

Lesson 5: Store it Right

Not all storage materials are made the same. You’ll learn how to buy the “right stuff” to care for your images.

Lesson 6: Organization

Part of being organized is having the right pencil/pen for the job of labeling your pictures. You’ll learn how to organize and preserve your photos on a budget.

Lesson 7: Photo Albums

Every photo album tells a story but only if you maintain the original layout. Learn which albums to take apart, how to save them and how to buy new ones.

Bonus Lesson: Digital Organization

Tackling the photos on digital devices requires weeding, printing and storing. You’ll learn how to go on a digital image diet.


Most lessons include downloadable components including a resource guide.


Don’t forget if you have questions about the material you can contact me using the built-in messaging functionality in the course.

I was recently in a chat room and read a post asking who to contact to get professional information on preserving a recently discovered family photo album. I typed “Maureen Taylor.” I didn’t have to ponder that question.

I would have given the same answer if asked who to contact for books on preserving photos, or photo sleuthing, or the history of photos or basically anything regarding keeping these precious images safe and secure.

I love easy questions.

I have been listening to Genealogy podcast for the past few years. I regularly search for family history or genealogy to find new ones. I think your info is the best out there.

Online Course

  • 7 Lessons + 1 Bonus
  • Resources eBook
  • Email Support

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Can I do this course on mobile?

Absolutely! You can log into your account on from any device.

What equipment do I need to do this class?

No special equipment is required to view the class. There is a downloadable shopping list for supplies so that you can work with your pictures as you go. Don’t forget to download the lesson handouts and the Resource ebook.

Will I be able to ask you questions?

In each module there is a “contact the teacher” button. Click that to send me a question. I personally respond to your queries.

Does this course cover international images?

The lessons include general information that can help you preserve photographs overseas as well.

Are you available to look at my photos ?

I’d love to help! Please see my consultation page for more details. If you have more than three photos to look at, please ask about volume pricing. I love working with clients on their photo mysteries.