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Family Photos on Instagram | The Photo Detective

Discarded and re-sold photos appear all over social media, especially Instagram. If you’re looking for a picture of your great uncle Hubert, it might turn up online. The genealogical community hasn’t embraced Instagram the way they have Facebook.  That’s too bad, because industry influencers are sharing information there too. 

It’s no secret that I love looking at pictures, so I follow quite a number of accounts that focus on old pictures.  On Instagram, photos are the primary way of communicating. Show your love for an image by selecting the heart under the post.  

Individuals interested in photo reunions find Instagram a good way to share images. Communicate with these accounts by commenting on their posts or through information in their profile. 

The antique business is booming on social media. It connects them with potential customers all over the world.  If you are looking for family photos think about where they lived (or where their descendants resided). Try to locate Instagram accounts for local antique and collectible shops. Then follow them.  You never know what you’ll find.  It might be a picture of the family farm or an album that Uncle Hubert put together. 

Search Instagram by clicking the magnifying glass on the page. Then enter in the name of a person, place, or a hashtag. Those that match will pop-up.

How to Find Photo Pages to Follow

Locate appropriate posts by searching by hashtags  Popular ones are #oldphoto, #foundphoto, but some are more specific so search by place and name.

Here’s a list of my favorites. 

My criteria for inclusion on this list are simple. The posts must include identifiers such names, dates, or place. Otherwise, how will we find our photos? 

Tell me what you find or suggest new ones. 

My Instagram Follows

They re-share posts from the main website for this long running reunion site,  

The Found Photography Project focuses on images from Mexico.


Created by a collector and artist based in London. Not all posts contain names, but many do. 


Emily Ericson buys old photos and tries to reunite them with family. She also researches their stories before posting. She also has a blog at 


This is an online antique photo shop based in Texas. 


Vintage New Zealand slides that the curator of this collection buys at sales. 


This self-proclaimed genealogy nerd is interested in how photographs and history fit together to tell our stories. 

To follow a page, click on the match. You’ll be able to view the posts and you’ll see a blue follow button plus a way to message the page.

I’m hoping you follow me on Instagram @photodetective.

Need help identifying family photos? Check out the Identifying Family Photographs Online Course.