Episode 41: Revolution Place: Where Kids Learn History

In April 2019 I was in Philadelphia with Pam Pacelli Cooper, President of Verissima Productions.  We were there to present our films, Revolutionary Voices, at the Museum of the American Revolution.  You can find the films on maureentaylor.com.

While at the Museum, I was given a tour of their new educational space, Revolution Place which is on the lower level of the museum.  Curator Mark Turdo spoke with me about this exciting new space for children to learn about the Revolution and the hands-on experience incorporated there.  He also told me stories of how children interact with the core exhibition space.   

Later that day, Adrienne Whaley Senior Manager of K-12 Education showed me one of the interactive computer displays.  It depicts the neighborhood around the museum on a period map.  

One of my favorite parts of the Museum other than the memorial wall depicting images of Last Muster individuals is Washington’s tent. Mark shared some details.