Episode 07: Orphan Photos

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Show Notes

Katie Kendall bought a mirror with a mystery.

In this episode Maureen unravels threads of a complex photo mystery that involves two orphan photos taken nearly 50 years apart and newspaper clippings spanning 16 years all discovered together in one frame. She also weighs in on the recent Amelia Earhart photo mystery.  If you are curious how a photo consult works, this episode of Ask Maureen provides a glimpse behind the curtain to see what Maureen can help you to discover.

  • Amelia Earhart – the photo mystery that recently surfaced and how checking the archives at the source is an important step in the process
  • Maureen’s recent mention of an orphan photo taken by George Parlow encouraged another orphan photo enthusiast to share her recent find that included a Parlow photo and much much more. Maureen delves into how they are working to unravel the photo mystery.
  • How newspaper archives can both unravel and deepen your photo mysteries.