Revolutionary War Roots on

By Maureen Taylor in Last Muster.

About 6 in 10 of us have a family member who lived during that period of American history while only 1 in 40 have ancestors that participated in the war.  Finding the documentation for those war-time ancestors is easier than you might think.   Take a look at the military records page for the Revolutionary War and view the types of resources you can search   That’s a lot of Revolutionary War related links   Here are a few records to whet your appetite for more information on those revolutionary folks.

Pension Records

Service Details

When you finish searching the bountiful resources available for the Revolutionary War period, you’ll know a lot more about your family that lived during those tumultuous years.  Let me know what you’ve found.  I love hearing success stories!

The Last Muster

The odds of you actually having a photograph or other image of that Revolutionary War period ancestor hasn’t been calculated because no one knows how many of the men and women who lived during that period actually sat for a portrait—photographic or painted. I’ve found more than two hundred photos or artwork based on images and the search continues. You can participate too.  See my Last Muster Project page for details.

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