A Few Of My Favorite Things

At this list-making time of year, I stop and reflect on my favorite new things related to photos. I know that if you get my newsletter, then you love pictures too. Items mentioned here might be something you want to suggest to your personal gift giver. I won’t tell if you decide to buy it for yourself. <smile>
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One of the best new apps for keeping track of family history and artifacts. It’s simple to use and portable. It’s on your phone or tablet. You’ll be saving the stories of the people and stuff in your family. You can learn more about the app by listening to Episode 19
The photo organizer created by genealogists for genealogists. Christopher Desmond approached me at a conference to chat about the IOS app. Android users can use the web interface.  There is now a desktop version too. I haven’t looked back. I LOVE the interface and the way it makes keeping track of your images easy-peasy. You can even create link photos to folks creating a family tree in the program.
 Sign up for a trial account at Memory Web using Photo Detective. Sign up for my newsletter for a special after the holiday. Let’s make January the month we focus on pictures.
Need convincing? Read my blog post, A Photo Organizer Made for Family Historians by Family Historians or watch my most recent interview with him in Episode 23.
About once a week I receive an email from someone asking about ways to tweak image quality. It’s important. Your faded photos might contain evidence to date the image and identify the people. The problem is …you can’t see it. The first time I saw what Vivid-Pix Restore could do in an instant, I was hooked. Upload an image and snap you’re given nine possibilities. Click the one that looks best to you. You can further improve the image using tools in the program. You can learn more about the program in Episode 25. You can buy the program bundled with my Photo Identification course. Nine lessons and editing help too. Click here. 
You can’t go wrong with Animoto. It’s for all the budding family filmmakers or anyone who wants to make a family history film. If you’re on my newsletter list or on social media, then you’ve seen what you can do with Animoto. I create shorts about topics such as my On the Road Series. I interview folks about their mystery pictures. Or my new series on Last Muster descendants of folks who lived during the Revolutionary War. The templates in Animoto make it possible to create a video in no time. They supply the soundtrack or if you want, add a voice track.
These guys sought me out at Rootstech to show me how their product works. Got an image that’s difficult to photograph such as a shiny daguerreotype? The portable and collapsible photo studio makes it a cinch. Need to photograph those artifacts for the Generations Story app. Yup. You can do it in Shotbox. All you need is a table and a smartphone. Unfortunately, it’s so popular, it’s frequently sold out. It’s worth being patient.
Do you have a person on your list that likes history mysteries? Check out Paul Collins historical crime novels. They introduced me to a new genre. One he created. You can pick one about a gruesome murder at Harvard (Blood and Ivy). Or the one about a murder case where Burr and Hamilton were on the same side (Really!), Duel with the Devil. That’s my current favorite. It’s not hard to love a novelist with a historian’s heart who uses research to try to solve a case buried in the past. I was thrilled when he agreed to an interview. Don’t miss Episode 22. His books are available at public libraries and bookstores. 
Happy Holidays!
Note: Some of these product links help support my podcast. I only endorse products that I personally use.