Episode 19: GenerationStory App

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A trip to the local outdoor flea market taught me a few things about how non-genealogists feel about pictures. You can read about my thoughts in P is for Polaroid, L is for Lost and in Why Do People Love Old Photos?.

On the Photo Detective Facebook page, please sound off on why you love your family photographs.

This month’s photo share topic is school photos.

Today’s Guest

Today my guest is Shannon Uschold of GenerationStory, a free iOS and desktop app to help you save the stories of family artifacts. She released the GenerationStory app in 2015. She’s dedicated to preserving our artifacts and sharing our story for future generations. Shannon holds a B.A. in Art History, and has a background in corporate and nonprofit marketing.

Special Offer

Don’t forget, listeners of the Photo Detective who want to try MemoryWeb.me get a 14 day trial if they mention they heard about it here. I love the way all my photos are synced. It’s photo organizing made for genealogists. (I receive an affiliate fee if you decide to subscribe, but I personally love the program.)