Episode 44: Vintage Wedding Photos

I have trouble leaving wedding photos in antique shops and so does my guest, Charlotte Sibtain. I love meeting other people passionate about photos. Charlotte is a London based researcher who has a hobby—collecting twentieth-century wedding photos.

Her Instagram @Vintageweddingphotos feed features some of the images she’s rediscovered. In this episode we talk about wedding photos, how she started collecting, a reunion that will make you teary and more. 

About Maureen Taylor: Maureen is a frequent keynote speaker on photo identification, photograph preservation, and family history at historical and genealogical societies, museums, conferences, libraries, and other organizations across the U.S., London and Canada.  She’s the author of several books and hundreds of articles and her television appearances include The View and The Today Show (where she researched and presented a complete family tree for host Meredith Vieira).  She’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, The Boston Globe, Martha Stewart Living, Germany’s top newspaper Der Spiegel, American Spirit, and The New York Times. Maureen was recently a spokesperson and photograph expert for MyHeritage.com, an internationally known family history website and also writes guidebooks, scholarly articles and online columns for such media as Smithsonian.com. Learn more at Maureentaylor.com

About My Guest: Charlotte Sibtain is a London based social and historical researcher who collects original wedding photographs from the 1800s to 1960s. Her Instagram page, VintageWeddingPhotos features images of twentieth century weddings.