Two Small Clues In an Old School Photo

Someone took a snapshot of these two women in an unknown setting.  This one picture is part of a set of six images.  Only this one has a recognizable background.

  • They sit on granite stairs engraved with “Class of 1910.”
  • The wooden landing has a fluted column in the background and a sandstone pillar decorated with a brass plaque. Unfortunately the plaque is unreadable due to the quality of the picture.

Their clothing, hair and the clue on the stair suggests that this image dates from the 1910s. One woman wears what could be a uniform.

But where was it taken?  They may be students at a private school or at a women’s college.   Does anyone recognize this setting?

So far I’ve had no luck with Google searches.

Here are the rest of the images.

File 2 collage