Mabel and Edith Bickerton

There is so much to love about this picture. The wallpaper. Their dresses.  Photos often have details that attract our attention but this one has something special. Someone wrote names and date on it!  It’s a lost family photo. I’m hoping to reunite it with descendants.

Mabel and Edith Bickerton, 1889. 

A quick look on gave me the particulars of their lives. They were the children of Charles Bickerton and Louisa Maria Cole.  The family lived in Newport and later Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Mabel, born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1878 married  William Zobieski Fleming in Somerville, Massachusetts in 1904.

Edith, born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1872 and according to the Newport Daily News often visited her friends in Newport. She married William Helme and had children. She died in 1945.

I may never know how this photo ended up abandoned in a random box of pictures at a photo show, but I’m hoping their descendants are interested in the picture.

A descendant has a public tree online and I’ve reached out twice. My fingers are crossed! I’d love to hear more about Edith and Mabel.