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Tell Me A Story

Tell Me A Story

I use my Photo Detective skills to piece together the clues but then I can’t help but think “what’s the story?” Here is my fictional take on this image.

He needed a portrait to send to his betrothed so he went to George Parlow’s studio along the waterfront. The best families went there for portraits. “Pick a backdrop that will impress Kate,” Arthur requested. Parlow posed him in a scene that looked park-like with a grassy floor and a stone balustrade.

The full foliaged green trees, blue sky populated with fluffy clouds, the lake all painted yet realistic enough to imagine smelling the full sweet aroma of summer. He wanted Kate to think about the beauty present in New England. Parlow gave instructions. Take a breath. Look pleasant with a slight smile and gaze directly into the lens.

Arthur hoped Kate would like it. Too bad, the sepia-toned print couldn’t show the blue in the sky and the water or the green in the trees.  He hoped it left her wanting more.

If you have a story of your own that comes to mind I would love to read it over on my Instagram page.  I share historical clues, stories and images from my personal collection on Instagram @photodetective.