3 Tools to Help You Really See Your Family Photos

You’ve asked. “What tools should I use to enhance my family photos?” 

The answer. Vivid-Pix Restore and the enhancement and colorization tools from MyHeritage.  

Why both? Together you can create eye-popping changes to your photos that will make you take a second look at your family photos. 

That’s the reason I created this webinar.  So you can see how you can use these three unique tools to enhance your photos. Separately they are  powerful tools but together they will amaze you!  I hope you’ll join me for this webinar. 

Think of this webinar as a showdown of sorts.

MyHeritage, an international genealogy company versus Vivid-Pix Restore, an imaging software company.

You’ll be surprised at how MyHeritage.com’s enhancement and colorization tools complement Vivid-Pix’s image improvement and metadata management.  They both have a lot “under the hood.” Together they will knock your socks off.

It’s an amazing time to be a Photo Detective. These two tools allow us to view the clues in our photos, eliminate the need to toss pictures, and to clarify our picture history. Here’s the best part. Both companies created tools that anyone can use. No advanced skills or technical knowledge required. They made the complicated simple.  I’ll show you how. 

In this webinar:

  • What is Vivid-Pix Restore?
  • What photo tools are offered by MyHeritage.com
  • How do they work on different formats from daguerreotypes to digital images?
  • How to make them work for you?
  • We’ll talk about the biggest challenges that get in your way of seeing photo clues. 

I was surprised at all that these two tools could do to make clues visible and you might be too.  I’ve had a great time putting together this Pepsi versus Coke style showdown and I think you’ll like it too.


This webinar shows you how to get the most out of the photo tools offered by Vivid-Pix Restore and MyHeritage.com