Ask Maureen: Misidentified Online Image

Clydette sent me a question with a online component. Someone in her family has posted a picture on a website, but it’s identified incorrectly. She needs to convince her relative that the caption is wrong.

If I were in a similar situation, I’d start by compiling evidence including photographs of the person mentioned in the caption and other pictures of the individual misidentified. That’s a good first step, but if no photos exist building your case can be more difficult. Try answering the following questions:

Were both individuals the same age?
Were they living in the same location? Let’s hope there is a photographer’s imprint on the image.
What are they wearing?
Where was the incorrectly identified picture taken?
Is there anyone still living who knew the person?

If her relative sticks to her story, then Clydette might want to start a blog. Her first posting could debunk the caption.