Honor Your Mothers on Sunday: Label Your Photographs

If you’re looking for a way to honor the women in your family tree start by labeling your photographs. Paper photos can easily be captioned on the back (never write on the front of a photograph) using a soft lead pencil. Those resin-coated images from the 1960s to the present require a Zig marker.

I’ve honored one of my maternal grandmother by writing about her photo and her life. Nana (on the left) died when I was just a tot so I never really knew her. She appears in a movie of my first birthday party and of course I’m familiar with her image. This postcard sits on my mother’s bureau. Alice McDuff worked in the mills as a young woman and then raised five children. You can read more about her on the new Smithsonian photo site Click: Photography Changes Everything.

On my SmugMug site I’ve created a gallery of photographs of unidentified women. If you recognize anyone, give a shout.

Don’t let the women in your family end up as someone else’s “instant ancestor.” Take a few minutes on Mother’s Day and label your family photographs.