Got a Photo-Related Question?

I’m working on new lectures and need your help.  Audience feedback is important to those of us that speak before groups.  We need to know what you’d like to learn.  There is sometimes a difference between what I’d like to teach and what the audience would like to hear.

  • Perhaps you’ve heard one of my lectures and still have a question.
  • Maybe you’ve read one of my articles and still wonder about something you’ve read.
  • It’s possible you’ve never heard one of my photo identification talks.


So here’s your chance. Ask away.  As one of my teachers said…there are NO stupid questions.


I’m listening. Every year I update old lectures and create new ones based on what audiences ask or something I’ve read.  Your query could inspire a new book, article or lecture.  Post it in the comments here or send me a private message through my Ask Maureen website button.

If you could ask me one photo identification question, what would it be

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