Episode 18: Found Photos and My Unexpected Discovery

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A story about one woman’s photo discovery at Goodwill made the news.  It made me think about the photo terminology you see online. What’s a found photo? What’s an orphan photo? I gave these questions a lot of thought and came up with an opinion. Listen in and let me know if you agree.

This month’s Facebook call to action revolved around photos of your ancestors on the beach. Thank you for all who participated. It’s not too late to share one of your own on the July 17th post.

DNA and Me

Like everyone else, I’m trying to pay more attention to my DNA matches.  A long time ago a cousin I’d never met appeared at one of my lectures. He introduced himself and we briefly stayed in touch.

Always wondered what happened to him. Guess who showed up in my DNA matches. <YUP>  He now lives 15 minutes from me and loves history too. Could it be in the genes?

That’s three DNA matches I’ve met in one year. Can’t wait to see who else turns up.

Tell me your DNA connection story.

Flea market Find

Last month I mentioned buying an 1864 Taunton, Massachusetts City Directory.

I decided to take an afternoon off and see if I could make a few new discoveries on my Taylor side of the family.   My destination. The Old Colony Historical Society in Taunton. It’s a wonderful place full of possibilities.

Nothing on the Taylor’s so I turned to my other Taunton, MA ancestors. The Kelley’s.

I went in search of books, maps, and manuscripts. As I was looking at locations mentioned in the city directories on an old map. I heard the librarian exclaim, “Oh, here he is!” Turned around and what did I see but FindaGrave.com.

Within 10 minutes I was in the cemetery looking for a headstone.  It’s proof that you should always take another look at your research.

Special Offer for Listeners

Maybe you’ll love MemoryWeb.me as much as I do. They are offering a free 14-day trial to my listeners.   When registering say that you heard it here and use the code PDJAM.

What’s Your Passion?

Do you have a Passion for a Picture? I know I do.   Tell me about it yours.

My passion is looking for pictures of Last Muster folks. Pictures of people who lived during the American Revolution but lived long enough to be photographed.

The day in Taunton revealed another discovery. An unexpected one. Now I’m looking for my own Revolutionary War ancestor in a photo.

Maybe you have one in your family too.