Episode 17: Stop Trashing Photos

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My daughter’s teary eyes at discovering a tossed photo were the inspiration for a recent blog post, Let’s Stop Trashing Family Photos.  It struck a nerve with my readers too.  My inbox and FB page were flooded with responses. Listen to their emails in this edition of The Photo Detective.

  • Photo reunion stories
  • Tips for others on how to make photo stories last for generations
  • And even a few photo tossing regrets

Are you on my Photo Detective Facebook page?  This month folks shared multi-generational images of the men in their family and answered my question, “Who inspired your interest in family history?”

A chance find at a flea market is making me reconsider my brick wall ancestor and the wonders of DNA.  No clear discoveries yet, but it’s a lesson on how looking at your research a second, third, or fourth time might not be a bad idea.

Find out where one woman’s jogging habits helped her find her passion for history.  And it’s not even her ancestor! Imagine that.

There is a special offer from MemoryWeb.me.   Use the code PDJAM to qualify for a free 14 day trial when registering. Just make sure you either mention me and/or the code.