Episode 16: Finding Family on Ebay

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A colleague emailed me this week to tell me about a set of Rhode Island manuscript volumes on eBay. It was a reminder that you never know what you’re going to find on eBay.

Family photos? Absolutely.
Images of ancestral hometowns?  Definitely.

Just about anything can be listed on eBay. In this episode of The Photo Detective, you’ll learn how to search for family materials and how to set up an alert so you’ll never miss a “lost” family item.

My new blog posts are themed:

In one called Finding a Home for… I’m trying to reunite photos with family.

The other theme is called Outside the Frame. As an example, I talk about a color snapshot of my grandmother’s birthday.  It’s a tragic family story of young love and disappointments set against a backdrop of genealogy research and a birthday cake.  By sharing this personal story, I hope you’ll spend time exploring how your family photos fit into the story of your family beyond names and dates.

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