Episode 15: MemoryWeb

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If you’ve ever wondered how to connect all your family photos with your genealogy, then you need to listen to this episode of The Photo Detective Podcast. My guest is Christopher Desmond of Memory Web.

Memory Web syncs to Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, FamilySearch, Facebook, and Flickr making it easy to transfer your photos to the sites you’re using to connect. A new desktop version is about to be released, too.

He answers all of these questions as well as how to gather, edit, navigate, and edit photos using the app.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What is MemoryWeb?
  • How did MemoryWeb get started?
  • What does MemoryWeb do?
  • What is Metadata and how is MemoryWeb different?
  • How much does MemoryWeb cost?
  • MemoryWeb sounds great, but what happens if you guys go out of business?

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(This Episode Aired in April 2018)