Closet Clutter and Photographs

The other day my daughter was looking for an outfit to wear in a school play so she started digging through my closet. She pulled out a blouse and said, “How old is this?” I looked at it and thought, “It’s time to clean the closet.” It was practically paleolithic. Looking at that item also made me think about family photos and a common question that lecture attendees ask about ancestor’s wearing older clothes.

Just how fashionable were your ancestors? Well, it depends. Take a look at your own closet and think about the answer. While I try to update my wardrobe each season by adding a few pieces, other basic items have been around for a couple of years. While teens in pictures usually wear the current fashion trends, older folks tend to stick with some favorites. There are exceptions to every case. I’ll go through my photo collection and see if I can find some really good examples to illustrate this point.