Episode 06: Photo Tips & Tricks

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Show Notes

In this episode of Ask Maureen, Maureen gives some great tips and points the way to some great resources, including some recent podcast appearances. What do you do with that box of photos with no names?  How do you scan originals vs. slide copies? How should you deal with old black paper photo albums? Plus, you are invited to help The Photo Detective by participating in a survey about photo ID  problems. Can you help?

  • Instagram ~ Join Maureen on this social media site for Photo Detective Tips ~ HERE
  • Photo Detective Tips ~ Family and Friends in photographs, and looking at backgrounds
  • Spring Cleaning your Photo Collection with Scott Fisher on Extreme Genes Episode 194  ~ HERE
  • How I became the Photo Detective on Genealogy Guys Episode 022 ~HERE
  • My family took slides of the old family photos ~ Do I scan from originals or use their slides to make copies?
  • Do you throw out a box of old family group photos with no names?
  • What to do with all those negatives of photos you saved?
  • Black Paper albums ~ 3 tips on how to deal with them.
  • Survey on your photo identification resources ~ what do you need to help you solve your photo mysteries?


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