Tackle Your Photos Today! 3 Simple Strategies for the North Yarmouth Historical Society

During this pandemic time, I’ve spent a lot of time organizing things—my pantry, my closets, and whatever photos I hadn’t had time to work on.  From your emails, it seems like I’m not alone. Finally, we have time to tackle those photos. But it still seems overwhelming, right?   This FREE webinar is for anyone with a box, bin, or closet full of pictures. 

A gift of a box or more of photographs can be seen as such an overwhelming task that it’s easier to leave them for the next generation. The problem is the next generation doesn’t always know what to do with them either, so the images get tossed.  This FREE webinar has tips to solve this problem.

I’m on a mission to prevent that last step and enable you with skills to tackle those images.  Before you can say “prevent picture puzzles” you’ll be on your way to identifying, preserving and, organizing your photos.  Photo preservation and organization used to be complicated and expensive, but that’s no longer the case.

As one of my clients said, “photographs provide us with a connection.” Each of your pictures is a piece of family history. It could hold the missing pieces of your family story. It’s a proven fact that photographs provide children with a sense of identity, belonging, and connection.

In This FREE Webinar

In this FREE webinar, I’ll present three simple tips to cut down on that sense of being overwhelmed (and the guilt that goes with it).

  • We’ll talk about the biggest challenges that get in your way for organizing images and why minimalists are wrong.
  • There are easy ways to climb that photo mountain and that includes my signature 5 questions for putting a name with a face.
  • Metadata will help you keep track of all the new data. It sounds scarier than it is.
  • Think of your collection as being two separate piles–vintage images and those taken in your lifetime. The two w’s of weeding and workflow are key to ending up with images you’ll be able to share with a click.

O.K. I admit it.  I give homework <smile> and like a scout, I have a pledge.

Once registered you’ll receive an email confirmation, email that tells you how to access the program, and a reminder. If you don’t receive one, check your spam filter 🙂

This webinar presents three strategies for tackling your family photo collection.  It is a one time event and will be recorded for limited availability.


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