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Do you have a group who would like to learn a lot about historical photographs and genealogy from Maureen? She offers virtual webinars and interactive workshops, all-day virtual seminars, as well as keynote speeches Below we list some example topics, but feel free to request unlisted topics as well!

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    Example Topics

    Maureen has a variety of seminar topics and keynote speech ideas that she has presented over the years, and below are groupings of many of these popular subjects.  To view the subjects within each category, click on the “+” sign to expand the text to show the listings underneath.  When booking a seminar or webinar with Maureen and you’re debating about which topic fits best, feel free to list a couple of talk titles to start and Maureen will guide you in finalizing the best one for your group. Keynote Addresses are distinct from other presentations and lectures, usually shorter in length.

    Historic Photo Preservation

    8 Steps to Organizing and Preserving Your Family Photographs

    From daguerreotypes to digital imaging dilemmas, this in-depth seminar covers everything a family photographer needs to know about caring for photographs. Topics include printing and sharing digital images, and how to safely label grandparents’ pictures.

    Tackle Your Family Photographs: 3 Simple Strategies to Get Past Overwhelm and Enjoy Your Photos

    • We’ll talk about the biggest challenges that get in your way for organizing images and why minimalists are wrong.
    • There are easy ways to climb that photo mountain and that includes my signature 5 questions for putting a name with a face.
    • Metadata will help you keep track of all the new data. It sounds scarier than it is.
    • Think of your collection as being two separate piles–vintage images and those taken in your lifetime. The two w’s of weeding and workflow are key to ending up with images you’ll be able to share with a click.

    Kodak Moments and Technicolor Dreams: 20th-Century Photos and Films in the Family Archive

    Images of 20th-century life range from black and white snapshots to DVDs. Learn to identify, preserve, and share recent photos and moving images in your family archive. This seminar includes an explanation of simple techniques to stop the destruction of color photos and low-cost storage solutions.

    Going Digital

    More Than A Pretty Face: Does Facial Recognition Software Work?

    This lecture discusses how facial recognition works explores the myths and realities of this technology:

    • How it works: facial geometry
    • When is it effective?
    • Fakes and frauds: case studies gone wrong
    • Doppelgangers: who’s your look-alike
    • Software options: pros and cons
    • Demos

    Google Images and Beyond

    Add new photographs to your family album by learning a few basic search techniques. A single photo can connect you to new genealogical data and a network of information.

    Right or Wrong: 6 Things You Need to Know About Picture Sharing Online

    Upload, post, and share. Yet there are pitfalls of permissions, resolution and re-use. This seminar takes you through the steps of resolution rules, the dangers of right click copying, the ethics and safety of picture sharing, popular photo sharing platforms and citing your photos.

    Faces from Our Nation’s Birth

    The Last Muster: Military Men, Pacifists and the Women They Loved in Stories from the American Revolution

    As unbelievable as it seems, many individuals who participated in the American Revolution lived beyond the advent of photography in 1839. Learn about the detective work involved in uncovering these “misplaced” pictures. Hear the stories of the men and women who were members of the first photographed generation.

    Photo Identification and Clues in Your Family’s Photo Record

    Buns, Beards, Bodices and Bustles: Understanding Ancestors Through Clothing 

    Ancestral fashions and the industry that produced them left behind a fascinating legacy of images and information.

    Who’s Little Joe? Photo Identification 101

    Audiences love this interactive lecture on discovering who’s who in their family pictures. They’ll learn 10 easy steps for naming those unidentified pictures tucked away in shoeboxes.

    Nineteenth Century Photographs—Photos in the Family Album

    Shiny metal daguerreotypes, brilliant blue cyanotypes and wacky candid snapshots are full of clues about your family if you know how to read the evidence. Extensive case studies show you how to uncover details in family photos and tell their story even if you know who’s who.

    Discovering Genealogical Clues in 19th-Century Photographs

    A single photograph can unlock a family mystery. The details are in the photographic clues. Pictures document births, deaths, marriages, and more. Use an image as genealogical proof by understanding the language of family photographs.

    No Language Barrier: Immigrant Clues in Photographs

    Family historians often overlook the ethnic evidence sitting in their photo albums. Using case studies and examples, this special presentation illustrates how to read immigration clues in pictures taken in the United States and abroad.