Unlock the Shoebox: Digitizing, Identifying, and Organizing Your Family Photos

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Session 1

Unlock the Shoebox: Digitizing Your Family Photos

Speakers: Maureen Taylor and Chris Desmond

Are you sitting on a stockpile of old family photos and mementos that you’d love to digitize but you just aren’t sure how to start such a massive project?  This session will provide tips that can help you tackle your digitization project with greater efficiency and will also cover how to make sure you use the best practices and processes to preserve and protect your mementos for the near and long-term.

What you will learn: Best practices for preparing and scanning photos such as how to group photos into batches, what types of equipment to use for digitizing, what file formats to use, tools for enhancing photos and how to label digitized images so they automatically help with organization efforts.

Session 2

Unlock the Shoebox: Identifying Your Family Photos

Speaker: Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective

Are you the lucky family historian who’s been charged with preserving, researching, and sharing your family’s archive of photos? Are there some photos that both excite and frustrate you because you know they likely hold clues to your family history but you’re just not sure how to interpret the visual details to solve genealogy riddles?  This session will provide you with tips and guidance on how to identify and use photo attributes to help crack the case.

What you’ll learn:  Tips for using family photograph elements such as clothing, photo materials/shape, and furniture to identify details such as date, location, occasion, and more.


Session 3

Unlock the Shoebox: Organizing Your Family Photos

Speaker: Nancy Desmond

Do you have a bounty of digitized images but aren’t quite sure where/how to organize them? Do you wish you could find any photo easily and also be able to share collections with others in a meaningful way? Are you curious about how you can add details to your photos that will be saved as metadata?  This session will provide you with guidance on how to use various photo organizing tools to capture and share details that bring your photos to life for you and your family.

What you’ll learn:  Tips for prepping your photo archives to be “upload-optimized” before adding them to photo organizing tools, guidance on how to add new/missing details to photos as metadata, and examples of ways to share your collections with family.


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