Reading Clues in Photos of Women: Wives, Daughters, Sisters and Mothers

My cousin had a series of photographs of a mystery woman. She asked for help. Turns out, that woman was our shared paternal grandmother, a woman she’d never met. That image was close to being tossed because the significance wasn’t recognized. 

Don’t let that happen to pictures of the women in your family. I can help. 

This hour and a half webinar will lead you through the steps to identify and interpret photographs of the female members of your family. 

I’m willing to bet that you have at least one mystery photograph involving a woman either in a single portrait or in a group picture. The women in our photographs can be mothers, daughters, sisters, or wives. They might be friends.  Family historians know that women’s stories are often overshadowed by the men in their lives. 

This webinar teaches you how to research your female ancestors, but with a twist. Visual clues are the roadmap to tell the story while documents support what you learn. Let’s discover your foremother’s history in the photos of themselves they left behind and those they took. 

Those mystery images of women in the family might be that way because they were loved. In fact, the most loved images are often the ones without a name, a date, or a location. Family thought they’d never forget, but the next generation lost that connection. This webinar will help you bring the connection and the memories back. 

Take Another Look

That picture might reveal something about your family that you didn’t know. Tossing it could be a family history loss. Stop and think about what you might be losing. Make a decision to save that picture. 

Discover the Story

You can discover the story behind that picture.  Believe me. It’s true. 

Through my time-tested methods, you can connect the dots of picture clues and family history. I’ve researched thousands of pictures for clients and each one reveals a piece of someone’s family history and I can teach you how to do the same thing. 

Perhaps you’re thinking why bother? 

The fact is you never know what a photo is saying until you study the clues and your family history.  I’ve seen it happen time and again.  That moment when a client gasps and says, “I didn’t know that.”  You can fill in the word that with almost anything… employment mysteries, a marriage, children you couldn’t find in a census.  

A photo has the power to reveal history long-forgotten. Your history. It’s easy to think of our ancestors in terms of a single moment captured by a picture, but their lives were so much more.  All it takes is a little more digging into the story behind those photos to teach you something you didn’t know. 

What you uncover could reveal a great-grandmother’s first family, a grandmother’s childhood employment, or something your parents never had time to tell you.

Find the Story

In this webinar, we’ll explore the clues present in images of women from fashion to captions. You’ll learn how to research those women photographers in your family too. 

What’s Covered

This class is based on….your questions and answers.  It’s a single session an hour and a half in length

We’ll explore: 

  • The 5 Building Blocks: the basic questions you need to address when researching a photograph. 
  • Searching for Clues and Keeping Track of Them
  • Caption Clues: Truth or Fiction
  • Photo Formats and Women
  • Researching Women Photographers and Artists
  • Fashion Clues 1840-1900
  • Fashion Clues 1900-1940
  • Adding up the Clues and Finding Answers
  • Saving Information through Labeling and Metadata