No Language Barrier: Immigrant Clues in Photographs (Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogical Society)

In your collection may be images of individuals in mysterious clothing or uniforms. You may not know their names. There are techniques you can use to solve the puzzles in these photographs. 

In This FREE Webinar

In this FREE webinar, Maureen will dive into ways to solve immigrant photo mysteries looking at case studies using online and off-line sources.  Case studies are included.

  • Ways to evaluate photos by asking questions.
  • How to place the visual clues in the context of what you know about your family
  • Ways to interpret the clothing clues in an image
  • Tips to research foreign photographers
  • How geography plays a role in photo identification
  • Crowdsourcing the clues.

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This webinar presents strategies for understanding the clues in photographs of immigrants taken here or overseas.   It is a one time event and will be recorded for limited availability.


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