Metadata and Your Family Photographs

We’ve all felt it. The frustration when you spend time adding information to a photo and you want to share it.  Then you discover the information didn’t transfer with the image.  In this webinar, we’re talking about solutions to this problem via the work of the Family History Metadata Working Group. 

The Family History Metadata Working Group (FHMWG)  will be releasing its recommended photo Metadata Standards V 1.0 (“Metadata Standards”) in the near future.  FHMWG seeks to help develop metadata standards to “keep your family memories alive” by refining the process and capability for embedding metadata directly into the digital media When companies employ these standards, image files will more easily transfer from one platform to another with their details as the photos are moved. You can learn about these new standards in this FREE webinar.

Join us on November 19th at 2 pm ET.

This webinar is being presented by Chris Desmond, a board member of FHMWG.  Chris is also co-founder of MemoryWeb, the photo organizer for family historians. The FHMWG is a public initiative for family history technology companies that are helping organize and provide standards to create shared industry best practices for digital preservation.  

In this webinar, Chris will update us on the FHMWG metadata standards and what these proposed guidelines mean for us as genealogists.  For this webinar, we’ll be using Once you’ve registered for this webinar you’ll receive access information and reminders.   There will be a chance to watch a replay too.

In this FREE webinar:

  • What are these new metadata standards?
  • What does this mean to me as a family historian?
  • When and how will these standards be rolled out?




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