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An amazing photographic addition to the history of the early Republic

“I wondered if it was possible to use photographic and documentary evidence to re-create the first generation of Americans—those men, women, and children bound together by having lived during the Revolutionary War… While there were many images in public collections or owned by collectors, I knew through my work as a curator and as a collector that there were likely even more in private family collections.” – From Maureen Taylor’s Introduction.

A remarkable work of documentary history, The Last Muster is a collection of rare nineteenth-century photographic images—primarily daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and “carte des visite” paper photographs—of the Revolutionary War generation. This extraordinary collection of images assigns faces to an un-illustrated war and tells the stories of our nation’s founding fathers and mothers, updating and supplementing research last collected and published over a century ago.


The Last Muster is a much-needed contribution to the history of the American Revolution, the early Republic, and the history of photography. Through these portraits and the accompanying narrative, readers will have the opportunity to relive the Revolutionary War.


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The Last Muster: Images of the American Revolution

Published by Kent University Press, c 2010


ISBN 978-1-60635-055-3

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The Last Muster: Faces of the American Revolution (Vol 2)

Foreword by Eric Grundset

Published by Kent State University Press, c2013


ISBN 978-1-60635-182-6

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