Getting Started with Digital Photo Organizing


You’ve heard on The Photo Detective Podcast how digital organizing works and how a photo organizer can help.  Perhaps you’re not convinced that you need one or that it’s too overwhelming.  Not all organizers are alike. In this master class, we’ll cover the basics and show you the power of digital photo organizing.  I’m joined by Nancy Desmond, one of the co-founders of MemoryWeb, a digital photo organizer created by family historians for genealogists. 

This three-part master class advises you on how to get started with digital photo organizing. 

Faced with boxes of images and not sure how to get them into a digital photo organizer?  It’s easier than you can say metadata. You’ve heard me talk about how I use MemoryWeb to organize all my photos–both those of family and those I use for my Photo Detective business.  I can find a photo including its metadata in seconds. I can even export all of that information if I need to. I’ve looked for years for a full-service digital photo organizer.  That’s why I created this three-part series. I know that many of you have invested in the MemoryWeb and have questions on how to get the most out of the program.  This series includes best practices for digitally organizing your photographs.

Session 1: An Overview of Digital Photo Organizing

Technology can be overwhelming. You’re thinking you don’t need another program, but I strongly suggest you use a digital organizer. One that works for you, one that keeps all of your data with the images and is metadata compatible.  Not all organizers are alike.  If you’re like me then you likely have photos on your desktop, your phones/tablets, and then you have all the images you are scanning. ALL of those photos can be organized in one program.

In this session, I talk about basic tips for digitizing all sorts of material.  Family history collections don’t necessarily fit neatly in a box (or on a scanner) and not everything is the same size. After scanning it’s time to tackle all those scans and digital images. I’ll explain some of the basic features to look for in a digital organizer and how you can use one to gain control over all of your family photos. It’s an overview of best practices from syncing to editing tools to how to collaborate with cousins.

Session 2: Syncing and Metadata

We’re answering a wide range of questions about basic digital photo organizing techniques and the inside scoop on the future of metadata.  Chris and Nancy Desmond are family historians like us that’s why they created MemoryWeb.  They know the types of challenges that come from arranging their photos for genealogical pursuits. In this session, Nancy answers questions about using MemoryWeb and how you can use it to digitally organize your photographs. As The Photo Detective, Maureen Taylor knows photographs from daguerreotypes to digital and how to access/share them when you need them.

Session 3: What’s Next? Pro Tips and Techniques to Follow

There is so much you can do with a digital organizer  In this Pro Tips and Techniques session, we’ll deep dive into how best to make a digital organizer work with your collection.  These are techniques we’ve learned from working with you and your collections. You can add metadata for people, places, keywords, captions, and basically anything you want. There is no limit. I’ll share my best practices for using metadata for image retrieval.  MemoryWeb offers some cool features such as back/front linking, a built-in family tree, and mapping your images. You’ll gain more control over all those images on all your devices and on many family history platforms.

In this Masterclass you’ll learn: 

  • Finally learn how to electronically wrangle and organize all of your digital photos in one place. Whew.
  • What is a digital photo organizer and why you should use one
  • Best practices for digital organizing
  • What should you do first -Gathering, weeding, and scanning
  • What is MemoryWeb and how it differs from other organizers
  • Platforms that are Metadata compatible
  • What you need to know about Automatic Syncing
  • Master Metadata and Find Your Photos
  • Export Your Photos with Data
  • Dynamically search Your MemoryWeb Family Tree
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Mapping Your Images
  • What if my phone is lost/my computer crashes?