Finding the Civil War in Your Family Album

Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, turns her attention to portraits and pictures taken in the Civil War era to help you find wartime stories in your family photo collection. These images, whether it’s a man in uniform or a woman posing with her children, tell the story of your family’s involvement in a critical period of history. If you’re not sure if your photo dates from that time-frame, this book will help you determine when it was taken.

In Finding the Civil War in Your Family Album, you’ll find fascinating facts about life during the mid-nineteenth century. Examples include:

  • For 15 cents apiece, a customer could purchase card photographs of battlefields or famous generals.
  • Photo albums first became available during the war and cost from 75 cents to $6.50.
  • The Italian hero, Giuseppe Garibaldi inspired a new fashion trend for women-shirts.
  • Flannel fabric was worn during both summer and winter for its healthful properties.
  • Mourning colors included black, deep purple and even lavender-depending on the period of mourning and the relationship to the deceased.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to identify different mid-nineteenth century photographic methods
  • What different styles of clothing were worn in the 1860s
  • How to find images of your Civil War ancestor