Coloring the Past e-book

It seems like everyone I meet these days is visiting the good old days of their youth with coloring books and fancy pencils for stress reduction.  If so, read on!

Suppose there was a way to help people “see” their really old family photographs in color. Not those boring gray, sepia and black tones that leads many to assume their ancestors dressed like that all the time or were going to a funeral.  Nope!  Not a one of them would have been caught dead in those drab colors.   Our great great grandparent’s loved colors–bright reds, brilliant greens, rich blues and a whole range of purples.

Suddenly it hit like a thunderbolt. If we colored nineteenth century fashion plates in period accurate shades would that destroy the myth that everyone wore dark colors?  Let’s see if that’s true. You may see where I’m headed with this!

Here’s my new coloring book, starting with the 1860s.


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