Ask Maureen – Episode 6

Show Notes In this episode of Ask Maureen, Maureen gives some great tips and points the way to some great resources, including some recent podcast appearances. What do you do with that box of photos with no names?  How do you scan originals vs. slide copies? How should you deal with old black paper photo albums? Plus, you are invited to help The Photo Detective by participating in a survey about photo ID  problems. Can you ...    Continue Reading

Deciphering the Past One Family Hero at a Time

I’m not sure what came first the story about this picture or finding the image in my family photos. The two are intertwined in my mind seamlessly joined. This faded color photo depicts my grandmother on her 75th birthday. My mother, her daughter-in-law, made her a cake and threw her a small party. I was there. As soon as Gramma saw the cake, she started crying. It was her first birthday cake and party. It ...    Continue Reading

Tips for Saving The Life of a Photo

At a recent family gathering, I met a woman who was amazed that an unidentified photograph could be a valuable piece of family history and that it could be identified. She looked at me with astonishment and confessed, “Oh no, I threw them out. I wish I’d known.” It’s hard to imagine that this charming picture of a Dad and his child could end up in the trash. You can almost hear the father saying, ...    Continue Reading

Find “Missing” Family Photos on Instagram

Orphaned photos that once had a family now sit forgotten or discarded in antique shops, in boxes at tag/yard sales or online at eBay. They are being sold as instant ancestors for the asking. If you’re like me then it’s hard to walk away from an image with a name or one with identification clues. Actually, let’s be honest. I have trouble leaving any photo behind <smile>. Pictures are my life. New ones. Old ones. ...    Continue Reading

Ask Maureen – Episode 5

Show Notes Metadata and online-posting best practices are the focus of this episode. What is metadata and why is important?  What are the ethics and etiquette of photo sharing? Maureen also answers a question, with a cool example, about lantern slides. In this episode of Ask Maureen we answer the following: Lantern Slides ~ What are they and what were they used for? And an example of lantern slides. Metadata - What is metadata? How ...    Continue Reading

I’ve Got Lemon Meringue in My DNA

Every holiday for as long as I can remember my Mother has made a lemon meringue pie. The bright yellow contrasted with the snow outside at Christmas. It competed with the daffodils at Easter. As a child, I’d watch her make it using My-T-Fine lemon pudding topped with a fluffy meringue all in a homemade crust. The ruffles in the edges formed by my mother’s finger. It was fussed over as well as cursed. A ...    Continue Reading

The Wonder of Waffles and My Fascination with Them

Think about waffles and you might recall thick Belgian ones or the cardboard tasting cones that hold ice cream. In many places, a Waffle is a cultural symbol, a popular treat, or an essential ingredient in everyday life. From Syria to Vietnam to their Dutch origins, waffles actually unite the world. For me, a waffle links me to my childhood, connects me to my husband and is the batter between me and my children. My ...    Continue Reading

Recipes From My Grandmother

It’s old and tattered, but it’s one of the only things I have from Mémère, my maternal grandmother. It’s a cookbook on poor quality acidic paper almost too fragile to touch. This thin collection is part of her legacy including a few pieces of kitchenware, stories my mother tells, and our genetic link. Alice McDuff Bessette. She died when I was one. She appears in a few family photos and in a home movie taken ...    Continue Reading

Party for New York’s Men of Revolution

Several years ago, I came across a notice in New-Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette for August 28, 1845 for a reunion of Revolutionary War veterans taking place in New York City. In that month, George Washington Parke Custis, adopted son (and grandson) of President George Washington visited New York City.  In honor of the occasion there was a reception at the house of Alderman Peters attended by "the friends and companions in arms of the ...    Continue Reading

An Inspirational Man–Benson J. Lossing

Benson J. Lossing was a man of many talents including watchmaking, writing and engraving, but it was his sense of history that brought him nineteenth century fame. He felt that history of the American Revolution was being forgotten even by individuals living in towns with key roles in the conflict. With the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord approaching in 1850, there was increasing interest in documenting that war. Lossing wanted his ...    Continue Reading

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