Ask Maureen – Episode 3

Ask Maureen Facebook Live events are your chance to ask your photo related questions.  Think about your number one concern. Is it unidentified images? Preserving photos? Organizing them for the next generation? Or maybe you want to know more about sharing pictures.  Go ahead and ask. I'm listening.  You can submit your question here.  Here are this month's answers to questions from followers. Show Notes What's the difference between conservation and restoration? When do I ...    Continue Reading

Ask Maureen – Episode 2

Show Notes 0:50 - What to do if you don't have very many old photos of your family? How can you find more photos from your ancestors? 2:15 - Orphan Photos ~ instant ancestors and how to start identifying the photographs even though they are not your ancestors. 04:10 - Tin Types ~ What to do first to identify them? 06:06 - How to put photos on to and link it to a specific ...    Continue Reading

Tell Me A Story

I use my Photo Detective skills to piece together the clues but then I can’t help but think “what’s the story?” Here is my fictional take on this image. He needed a portrait to send to his betrothed so he went to George Parlow’s studio along the waterfront. The best families went there for portraits. “Pick a backdrop that will impress Kate,” Arthur requested. Parlow posed him in a scene that looked park-like with a grassy floor and ...    Continue Reading

Roots Tech 2017: The Line-Up

RootsTech is an energy filled conference.  I'll be there and many of you will be too.  Even if you can't attend, the RootsTech planners live-stream parts of the events. If you're going to attend and love pictures, here's where I'll be.  Can't wait to see everyone!  I'll be sharing the conference on Instagram so watch my account @photodetective. Booth Details My booth is 1144, right behind the Family Chartmaster folks. Drop-in for a photo consult. ...    Continue Reading

Ask Maureen – Episode 1

I held my first Facebook Live event on January 26th. In this episode, I answered the following questions submitted by you, my readers: How did I get started as the Photo Detective? How do I tell two people apart in photos? Is it possible to identify a geographic location (state/nation) (with reasonable accuracy) based on clothing? A reader wrote: "My grandmother was wearing the same clothes styles/clothes in the 1970's as she did in the ...    Continue Reading

A Mystery Photo from the Big Easy

  Paul Selleck's picture depicts a man in uniform with a US on his belt buckle. US military service, right?  Wrong.  Selleck's ancestor, James T. Selleck appears to have never served his country.  So why the uniform?  That's only part of the mystery. The likely date for this picture is 1893.  Paul thinks it depicts James T. Selleck.  Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy died in 1889. In 1893 his widow requested that his remains ...    Continue Reading

The Best Ways to Utilize Horses and Zebras

  Yes, this is a blog post about photo identification.  You're probably wondering what photos have to do with four-legged animals.  I have a point. Please read on. First, let me apologize.  I didn't mean to start a storm of comments on Facebook.  How did this happen?  All I was trying to do was sharpen your powers of observation.  The question: What do you see? Medical interns are taught: When you hear hoofbeats, think of ...    Continue Reading

New Ideas for Organizing Photos on the iPad

Last year I started a new collection of images.   I began adding postcard views and photos of my beloved city of Providence to my photo archive.  There are a few hundred pictures in the cache.  This weekend there is a big ephemera show and I wanted to be prepared.  As an end of the year resolution I scanned them all. Added them to Apple photos on my computer and even added keywords to the images.   ...    Continue Reading

Photo Stories: Seeking Lilly Begecher/Schesser

It's time for another installment of Photo Stories. This time the photo comes from my client files. Allen Kurtz has spent a lot of time trying to solve the mystery of his wife's great aunt, Lilly Begecher/Schesser.  He told me, "She is my obsession."  You know how it is.  You're making a puzzle and you can't find the last few pieces.   Frustrating and you don't want to give up...EVER.  Her life story is a twisted ...    Continue Reading

A Mysterious Woman on Instagram

Recently, I featured this picture on my Instagram account.  Now I'm wondering about the story behind it.  It's one of more than two hundred images in my collection from overseas. What Do You See? On the surface this looks like a simple studio portrait. A young woman posed for a picture. She's dressed in an interesting outfit. Her hair is light colored. It could be blonde, light brown or even red. Her short curled bangs ...    Continue Reading

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