Animating Your Photos with Deep Nostalgia™ from MyHeritage

MyHeritage has done it again. They created a photo sensation with a new offering. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Social media is awash in videos of ancestors moving. Some find it emotional while others think it’s creepy.

I’m getting emails and texts asking me to weigh in on this new offering. So here goes.

I took a few images and tested it. You should too.

My Dad

I decided to try it first on an image of my father. Had a little bit of trouble with it. For some reason the program couldn’t see the face. Anyone else have this problem?

My Own Image

Then I tried it on an image from my childhood.

Does the animation move like me? Nope. Is it cool? Yes.

My Grandmother

Next, I tested it on an image of my grandmother. I knew this woman. It’s not too bad although I found it a little disturbing to see her move after all this time.

A Historic Figure

I had the greatest success with the last image. It’s Daniel Bakemann, one of the veterans featured in The Last Muster This one I really enjoyed. Perhaps for me, it works best with individuals I didn’t know personally.

Ways to Use It

I’ve seen folks try Deep Nostalgia™ with paintings and sculpture too. The program must be able to see the subjects “eyes” to work properly.

What it isn’t necessarily useful for:

  • Comparing two images to find a match. It’s animation. You still need to match all the features and points in a face to determine if two images are the same person.

What it does

  • I’m in favor of any tool that enables you to look at an image differently. A tool that allows you to see an image as if you’re seeing it for the first time, because only then do you really see it and the clues within.

Want to try Deep Nostalgia™? You can go to the website, add an image and try it. While you are there experiment with the enhancement and colorizing tools too. They are amazing.

My new on-demand webinar focuses on 3 Tools to Help You Really See Your Family Photos is on sale for $10. until March 11th. It compares and contrasts Vivid-Pix Restore and the MyHeritage enhancement and colorization tools. There are examples for all types of images.